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This is Samantha.  She likes art and helping the world.

Based in North Lake Tahoe but frequently makes her way down to her hometown of Santa Cruz, Samantha graduated UC Berkeley in 2017 with a degree in Conservation and Resource Studies and the desire to inspire environmental stewardship through art and creativity.

Samantha is currently pursuing a career in art and design, her ultimate goal to find the perfect intersection of art and conservation.  She currently works at Praxis Skis in Incline Village, NV, as the graphic designer for the ski topsheet art.  Additionally, she frequently takes on freelance design projects such as logo and marketing collateral, interior design and art curation, and nonprofit work including large, sustainable, public art installations. On the side, she continues to produce original works of art, which she creates live and sells at various music events and festivals.

While she's not toiling away at the computer or messy, ink-splattered desk, she enjoys spending her time outside in the mountains and forests, on the ski slopes, or in the waves off Santa Cruz shores.  

Please visit the Contact page for art or design requests. or simply to say hi!  She will be very happy to chat with you!

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